Building a great application is just the beginning.
Passion Plus delivers your application fast and securely.

Plus provides high-performance load balancing, session persistence and TCP load balancing to optimize availability of apps, APIs and services.

High-performance HTTP server, delivering web and video assets with unparalleled speed, maximizing performance and efficiency.

Content cache, both to accelerate local origin servers and to create edge servers for content delivery networks.

Streaming media, is a proven solution used by high-traffic websites to stream video content to any device.

Plus is for businesses that require a trusted, supported web application delivery framework. We provide an all-in-one software solution for modern web architectures, giving developers freedom to innovate without being constrained by infrastructure.

NGINX Plus features

NGINX Plus provides a complete set of web serving, proxying, acceleration and load balancing capabilities for HTTP-based services:

Protocols and performance

HTTP/1.1, HTTPS, SPDY, WebSocket
IMAP, POP3, SMTP with external HTTP based authentication
IPv4 and IPv6
1 million concurrent connections
10,000+ virtual servers multi-tenancy
Connection multiplexing pools for low latency communications

Load Balancing

Full Layer-7 reverse proxy
HTTP, HTTPS, FastCGI, SCGI, uwsgi, memcached
TCP Load Balancing
URL/URI content-based request routing
Reverse proxy and load balancer with round-robin, least-connections, ip-hash, generic-hash
Session persistence with cookie-insert, session-learn and defined-route
Session draining for easy maintenance
Application backend health monitoring with synthetic transactions and slow-start

High Availability

Active-Standby (NGINX AMI and standalone)
Live binary upgrades to eliminate downtime
Graceful restart with non-stop request processing


Bandwidth, connection and request policing
Protocol isolation and request filtering
Header scrubbing and manipulation

Edge Cache and Origin Server

Content offload and caching
Lightweight cache revalidation
Cache Vary support
Serve stale content if origin server has failed
On-the-fly content compression and optimization
HTTP video streaming with MP4/FLV/HDS/HLS

SSL Termination

Client and Server-side certificate validation
OCSP Stapling

Configuration and Management

Live reconfiguration of server pools to change upstream settings on the fly
Activity monitoring
Geo-IP configuration decisions
Logging to syslog

Included Modules

nginx-plus: Standard NGINX modules with additional NGINX Plus features
nginx-plus-lua: NGINX Plus with Lua
nginx-plus-extras: NGINX Plus with Perl, GeoIP, Image Filter, XSLT, RTMP, Lua, Headers-More, Set-Misc, Passenger
nginx-plus-sms: NGINX Plus (media streaming functionality only) with RTMP

Additional Features

High-performance Load Balancing
Intelligent Session Persistence
Application-aware Health Checks
Massively-scalable Content Caching
Sophisticated Streaming Media Delivery
Advanced Activity Monitoring
DevOps On-the-Fly Reconfiguration

Recommended Hardware

NGINX Plus was designed and optimized for use on generic server hardware. A common recommendation for an edge server capable of serving 3-6Gbps of live traffic and 20-50K requests per second is the following:

4 Xeon E5 series CPUs, 2-8 core per CPU
16-32GB RAM
6 x 250GB SSD drives
10G Intel networking card

NGINX Plus modules

NGINX Plus includes the following modules from NGINX F/OSS:

HTTP core

HTTP Core: basic HTTP configuration
Auto Index: Generate directory listings
Index: Specify index files used in directory requests
Gzip: GZIP compression of HTTP responses
Headers: Add headers to HTTP responses
Charset: Character set tagging and transformation
Empty GIF: Generate empty image response
SSI: Perform Server Side Include processing
User ID: Add unique ‘User ID’ cookies
Gzip Static: Serve pre-compressed files from disk
Gunzip: Decompress responses for clients that don’t support compression
Random Index: Select random indes file for directory request
Real IP: Determine true origin IP address for proxied traffic
Substitution: Modifies response with textual replacement
Addition: Prepend and append data to a response
WebDAV: Implements WebDAV support for file management

HTTP Advanced Configuration

Map: Create run-time configuration variables based on arbitrary request parameters
Browser: Detect User-Agent type
Geo: Create run-time variables based on IP address
Rewrite: Test and manipulate URI
Split Clients: Partition clients for A|B testing


SSL: Provides support for HTTPS
SPDY: Provides support for SPDY

HTTP Access Control and Authentication

Access: IP-based Access Control Lists (ACLs)
Auth Basic: HTTP Basic Authentication
Referer: Apply access control based on HTTP referrer
Secure Link: Process encrypted, time-limited links to content
Auth Request: Flexible authentication using subrequests

HTTP Transaction Shaping

Limit Requests: Rate-limit requests by key
Limit Conn: Limit concurrent connections by key

HTTP Logging and Monitoring

Log: Log HTTP transactions
Session Log: Log HTTP sessions (rather than individual transactions)
SysLog: Request logging to syslog
Status: Provides advanced NGINX status information

HTTP Proxying and APIs

Proxy: Proxy and cache requests to HTTP server
FastCGI: Proxy and cache requests to FastCGI application
Memcached: Proxy requests to memcached server
SCGI: Proxy and cache requests to SCGI application
uWSGI: Proxy and cache requests to uWSGI application
Upstream: Load-balanced pools of servers for proxy, FastCGI and memcached

HTTP Media delivery

MP4: Stream H.264/AAC files (.mp4, .m4v, .m4a)
FLV: Stream Flash Video (FLV) files
F4F: Support for Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS)
HLS: HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) server-side support for H.264/AAC files


Mail Core: basic Mail-proxying configuration
POP3: Authentication methods for POP3 traffic
IMAP: Capabilities and Authentication methods for IMAP
SMTP: Capabilities and SASL Authentication for SMTP
Auth HTTP: Offload authentication to HTTP server
Proxy: Proxy parameters for Mail protocols
SSL: Implement SSL, TLS and STARTTLS for Mail protocols

TCP Load Balancing

Stream: core TCP-proxying configuration
Upstream: upstream load balancing configuration

NGINX Media Server modules

NGINX Media Server (package: nginx-plus-sms) is targeted specifically for video delivery requirements. It contains the streaming media delivery and extended status modules from NGINX Plus, and a third-party RTMP streaming media module:

Additional modules in NGINX Media Server

MP4: Stream H.264/AAC files (.mp4, .m4v, .m4a)
FLV: Stream Flash Video (FLV) files
F4F: Support for Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS)
HLS: HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) server-side support for H.264/AAC files
Status: Provides advanced NGINX status information
RTMP Media Streaming: A trusted third-party extension for RTMP media delivery

Other NGINX Plus features (health check, session persistence, cache purging etc.) are not included in NGINX Media Server.

Third-party modules and extensions are included for convenience and are not supported by Nginx Inc.